All Repairs Carry A 24 Month 24,000 Mile Warranty

Most repairs come with a 24 Month/24,000 mile parts and labor warranty through Garrigan's Auto Repair Shop. On qualified repairs, a 36 Month/36,000 Mile nationwide warranty is provided through our partners at Parts Plus. Warranty cost NOT to exceed the amount of original repair. Some parts may have a lifetime warranty attached to them. NO WARRANTY with used parts unless it is written on the original receipt. NO WARRANTY of any repair that has been abused or misused.

Road Hazard Warranty: Limited to any defect or incidental damage to the purchased tire warrantied only. NO WARRANTY if alignment is out of specifications and/or the tires were driven on and damaged or if the life of the tire is under 50%.

Estimates may change at any time due to price changes in parts or labor.

We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to be there for you and your vehicle. GOD BLESS

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